I don’t get it. What is so special about the movie “frozen” ? It’s just like any other Disney movie…

megantaylurrrr sent: Hey love. Could you make a manip of me & Liam?

I dont make personal/fan manips :/

Anonymous sent: hi, can you please tell me where can I find original pictures from move it 2014 you posted? thank you :)

Facebook :) x

Danielle at Move it 2014
danielle at the move it show 
Anonymous sent: hii babe :) so dani said she'll spend some time in austria ( I think she'll go to vienna) do you maybe know which Hotel or anything like that?

Im sorry, I haven’t been on twitter in so long. I dont know anything about her trip. 

elenatommo sent: Thank you so much for the Danielle and Nina manip! It was perfect xx

You’re welcome, it was No problem :)

elenatommo sent: Do you think you could make a Nina Dobrev and Danielle Peazer manip please? :)

sure :)